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Launched in January 2013 as a partnership between the World Resources Institute, Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), the Green Power Market Development Group (GPMDG) has been working with the aim of transforming the energy markets by increasing the use of renewable energy in the total energy consumption mix of large commercial and industrial energy consumers. GPMDG is unique in the way it tries to benefit all the stakeholders of the renewable energy market – Buyers, Developers, Regulators, and Utilities etc.

The GPMDG’s work has been largely in sync with the Government of India’s target of having 450 GW of installed renewable energy capacity by 2030, and 175 GW by 2022.  Going forward it aims to be aligned with the recently announced NDC targets by the Government of India.

Over the years, the GPMDG has focused on improving the affordability of solar PV technologies, making private procurement of renewable power easier, increase the use of renewable power in high-power consuming manufacturing units, and pioneering as the thought-leader in the policy and regulatory areas in the RE sector, among others. GPMDG has further engaged with leading companies in sectors including Paper and Pulp, Cement, Pharmaceuticals, IT, Automobiles and Shipping, to facilitate procurement of renewable energy. The breadth of GPMDG’s work has also geographically expanded to several Indian states including Delhi NCR, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh.

Moving forward, with the expanse of work and geographies, GPMDG will be working towards bridging the gap between innovations being made in the clean energy sector and the requirements by its various users. The MSME cluster will also play a huge role in charting out this new terrain. This microsite will foster and build those relationships which will facilitate growth and uptake of new technologies. Keeping this in mind,  GPMDG will now be known as Clean Energy Marketplace (CEMP).

GPMDG: Objectives, Outcomes, and Impact Assessment (2014-19)

Since its inception, the Green Power Market Development Group project has sought to transform energy markets by
  • Demonstrating viable business models for corporate buyers to access reliable and renewable energy in developing countries at scale
  • Fostering a network of companies, financiers, and other private sector market facilitators, that can rapidly scale renewable energy demand and financing supply for these markets
  • Sharing knowledge of best practices on renewable energy procurement to foster renewable energy business models
  • Raise awareness on current market and policy barriers to increasing use of RE

Clean Energy Marketplace: Objectives and Goals (2022 onwards)

GPMDG’s work under these objectives is discussed in detail below.
  • Engage with the C&I sector to cater to their growing needs for clean energy in a holistic manner
  • Develop a network of C&I consumers, regulators, utilities, technology providers, financers and communicators to help scale clean energy interventions in this space
  • Develop and disseminate knowledge focused on clean energy adoption by this sector