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SMEs Solar Demand Aggregator

    map area

    In this study, it is considered that the panels can be installed on the 70% of the rooftop area as suggested by referencing documents provided by Government of India, international studies, and our previous studies (GoI 2016) (Paulius Kozlovas 2023; Kajol 2020). This is due to the smaller construction like cupola, stairs etc.

    GoI. 2016. “Best Practices Manual for Implementation of State Level Rooftop PV Programmes in India.” https://solarrooftop.gov.in/knowledge/file-5.pdf,

    Paulius Kozlovas. 2023. “Assessment of Technical and Economic Potential of Urban Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Systems in Lithuania.” https://www.mdpi.com/1996-1073/16/14/5410, Kajol. 2020. “Implementing Demand Aggregation for Rooftop Solar Systems in Micro, Small,  and Medium-Sized  Enterprise Clusters.” https://files.wri.org/d8/s3fs-public/implementing-demand-aggregation-rooftop-solar-systems.pdf

    State Number in Lakhs For Policies and Schemes refer:
    Haryana 9.70 https://msme.haryana.gov.in/
    Gujarat 33.16 https://msmec.gujarat.gov.in/
    Rajasthan 26.87 https://industries.rajasthan.gov.in/msme/#/home/dptHome
    Tamil Nadu 49.48 https://www.msmeonline.tn.gov.in/
    For more information refer – MSME Annual Reports  

    This map is only for illustrative purposes only. Names and boundaries do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by WRI India.