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ELEVATE (Electrical Load due to EVs And Tariff based Elasticity) is an online interactive python-based tool which allows the different electricity utilities/distribution companies to gauge the load on their transformer in the next 5 years and the tool also allows the distribution companies to calculate the maximum incentive which can be provided to the consumers. The maximum incentive is to gently nudge the consumers to change their EV charging pattern/timings, so that the distribution companies can optimize the power usage. ELEVATE attempts to achieve the need for managing demand through non-capacity augmenting route.

Landed cost calculator

This tool helps a company understand the final cost of renewable energy under the open access mechanism at their premises.


The Optimizer tool helps a company identify the optimal renewable energy project size without an energy banking mechanism under the open access mechanism.

Levellized Cost of Energy (LCOE) calculator

LCOE calculator helps a company select the best proposal among multiple financial proposals for a renewable energy project.